The cosmetics “Russian Chaga” is a new round of development of the brand “Russian Chaga”. 

Inspired by a large number of positive reviews and inexhaustible enthusiasm, we decided to apply our expert knowledge to create a completely new, unique product that has no analogues in the world, but meets all the principles and ideology of the Russian Chaga brand. For this we created a joint Russian-Korean enterprise and chose as a partner the Korean company with more than twenty years of experience in the cosmetic field. Korean cosmetics is well-known for its approach to the use of unusual natural ingredients, the latest technological and technical solutions in production and the factories, which comply with the most stringent international standards. This, coupled with an affordable price, has allowed Korean cosmetics to become the national Korean heritage, KOREAN BEAUTY — the most popular trend in cosmetics of recent years, and for us — to choose Korea as a country for the implementation of a new idea to create Russian Chaga cosmetics.

The new premium brand Russian Chaga is a result of combining the natural wealth of the Russian North with the latest achievements of South Korean technological giants. Russian Chaga was created for the purposes of helping millions of women across the globe prolong their youth and beauty.

The exclusive line of cosmetics has drawn its power from the two nations’ long-standing heritage: the unique medicinal properties of the Russian fungus Chaga and the exclusive natural ingredients of Korean cosmetology form a powerful combination, which has no analogue on the planet in potential effect.

The use of cutting-edge technology for gathering and processing pollutant-free raw materials and the continual conduct of research by top Korean scientists, pharmaceutical chemists, and dermatologists have helped ensure the highest quality and efficacy of Russian Chaga cosmetics.

discover our new products

    Adenosine Chaga mushroom extract Hydrolyzed collagen Meadowfoam seeds oil Niacinamide Soybean oil Volufiline

    Triple Serum Fluid

    180ml / 6.09oz
    Innovative, functional two-layer composition of the fluid serum for the face provides deep nourishment and hydration of the skin. Oil based plant components and other active ingredients prevent skin tightening after washing, and normalize water-oil balance.
    Adenosine Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract Anise Extract Aсai Dry Extract Bergamot Essential Oil Chaga mushroom extract Elderberry extract Garlic Extract

    Triple Gold Rich Cream

    80ml / 2.71oz
    Moisturizing cream with golden capsules filled with natural ingredients, vitamins and nutrients. Radiant skin for the whole day!
    Adenosine Beta-Glucan Black Caviar Extract Chaga mushroom extract Niacinamide Panthenol Volufiline Wild yam root extract
    Antioxidant lifting formula of essence will help restore elasticity of skin epidermis, support its protective barriers.
    Adenosine Arginine Ceramide NP Chaga mushroom extract Niacinamide Volufiline
    Increases skin elasticity, removes fine wrinkles and dark circles, returns healthy radiance to your look.